Ponty and Ponty II are 45 foot Africats. Powered by Volvo and Yanmar Inboard diesel engines coupled with IPS 45 propulsion. Each engine has a power rating of 435 HP / 320 kW @ 3500 rpm.

Able and licenced to carry 10 persons, but for overnight/s fishing charters we tend to limit the numbers to 6 guests plus crew for space comfort whilst catching and resting in the fully air conditioned interior.

Ponty and Ponty II, are up market luxury power catamarans ,they are equipped with state of the art equipment including a multitude of fishing equipment to cover any type of species you want to target. Both vessels accommodation offering forward, aft and upstairs spacious seating, including interior saloon lounge and exterior cockpit saloon. They both offer three un suite berths and a fully equipped gallery with BBQ options on the aft deck

Ponty Leisure vessels are fully equipped with the top of the range fishing gear to target any fishing you desire. Nosy-Be is a unexploited fishing destination, the area offers a multitude of fish species. Whether you are targeting Big Game bill fishing, trolling for sailfish, tuna species, wahoo, dorado or giant travelly the abundance of fish life offshore will defiantly keep your reels screaming.

We offer a range of heavy medium and lighter spinning and vertical jigging outfits too. The unexploited reefs offshore offer some serious action for the avid vertical jigging and popping anglers. The surrounding offshore reefs offer a healthy array of Tuna species including the hard fighting Dog Tooth tuna.

For the more special occasions the vessels have exceptional sound systems and TV’s to create the festive party atmosphere for you and your guests whether on a day trip or for sundowners or that evening cruise under the stars

Types of fishing & places to go

Depending on weather and currents the vessels have a cruising range of approximately 800 nautical miles so for the avid fisherman, species enthusiast, this means that an on board long stay charter we can cruise the Madagascan West coast at will and visit some of the more unknown Islands in the archipelago where fishing is un-tapped and un-spoilt.

Local to Nosy Be, all types of fishing is in itself remarkable. For that one day charter or two day, with night stay over on the boat, you are guaranteed to catch whether trawling over deep water reefs to the North West, fishing in Russian Bay to the South, on the Nosy Iranja currents on the South West or even the North Eastern islands around the Four Brothers.

Best times of year

There is no bad time to go fishing or diving however we like to avoid bad weather as far as possible.

Wet weather, tropical storms and cyclones are normal to these Indian Ocean areas around the summer periods where very strong high and low pressures form over the ocean. For this reason we suggest that the best time to visit to fish is between the months of April and December.

Between the months of August and October passing whales are often very close to shore and diving with them is a one of a kind experience. Also, around November – December period the Whale Sharks, turtles and manta rays are in abundance, feeding on the nutrient rich waters. They also make perfect diving buddies together with all the reef critters, fish and turtles.

Tag and release.

The bigger catches such as Marlin, Sailfish, giant travelly and dog tooth tuna are strictly  caught  tag and release only! Keeping the photographs to remind you and show your family and friends of the great experience. We are only allowed to keep good eating, sustainable fish to suit the needs of the clients and for the pan on board. We do offer Spearfishing excursions, as this is a very selective fishing method we limit by catch and only keep fish that are selected to eat. Those big trophy spearfisherman donate all excess fish to local villages.


Tell us what your dream is and let us put together a package to turn that dream into a reality.